Selection criteria and procedure

There is no strict constrain on academic curricula and prior experiences. Nonetheless, the chances of been involved in a thesis project increase for student with outstanding academic curricula. If you are interested in a thesis with our research group, please send an updated CV to We kindly ask you to fill also the form at the following link: You will be contacted by our team, if an opportunity matching your profile is available.

Organization of work

During their final thesis, students are assigned a specific research oriented task that is part of a larger research project; they are supervised by the project leader. Thesis schedule, deadlines, milestones, etc. are often strict, depend on the schedule of the project and needs to be closely coordinated with the project leader. We require the maximum commitment by students.

Possible thesis topics

Thesis topics vary depending on current project portfolio. In this section you will find some examples of thesis available now.

Other topics for thesis might relate to:

  • Interplay between venture capital, business angels and crowdfunding;
  • Performance impact of business angel finance;
  • IPOs;
  • Factors determining the demand for venture capital investments;
  • Corporate venture capital and radical innovation

Toolbox for students

Typically, our theses are based on quantitative analysis, although we do often use other research methodologies such as experiments and interviews. We require our students a fair understanding of statistics and econometrics and/or the willingness to improve their skills in these subjects. Within the “Toolbox for students”, you will find also a list of websites, videos and documents about these subjects. Often we require our students to learn the use the econometric software STATA (that we will provide you). This is easy, no worries! We will provide you guidance during the thesis period. Yet, you can find an introduction to STATA in the “Toolbox for students”, as well.